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Managing Leave Laws In California

The alphabet soup of leave laws in California can be a complex process. FMLA, CFRA, PDL, PFL, PSL -keeping abreast of these and the many other types of leaves, in addition to knowing how they interact with each other can be a challenge to navigate.

Certain leave laws run concurrently while others may be taken in subsequent order. While some leaves provide supplemental wages and job protection, others may provide one but not the other. Whether an employer is subject to compliance with a particular law is typically determined by the number of employees in a company or the number of employees within a certain geographic area.

Company policies should include the legally required leaves offered as well as any other types of leave provided by the company. These policies should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they are up to date and in compliance with current law. Contact our HR consulting team if you need guidance on policy review or compliance with the leave laws applicable to your company.