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Wellness Reminders During COVID-19

It has been five months since California declared a shelter in place order for all non-essential employees. The past five months have been full of constant change and adjusting to the "new normal". Employees may have been sent home, brought back, then sent back home again. Other employees may have been out of work since March. You may have employees transitioning to working fully remote. Regardless of your organization's situation, mental health and employee wellness is more important than ever.

Mental & Emotional Health

Maintaining a healthy routine, even while working from home, can keep you feeling on track and increase mental wellness. Keeping a consistent wake up time, lunch time, and bedtime can really help improve mental and emotional well-being. A full night sleep also helps you to feel ready to tackle the next day ahead, even if you don't leave your house. Exercise can also help you unload from the day while increasing endorphins. Just a 20-minute walk can improve your mood and help you sleep more soundly.

Vitamin D can help fight disease and reduce depression. It is also helpful to set limits on your daily news intake. Instead of monitoring the news constantly, consider limiting your news intake to one or two times per day.

If you are concerned about your own or another's mental health, please reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's helpline: 800-662-HELP (4357).

Communication is Key

Maintaining open and regular communication with your employees should be a top priority for leaders within your organization. Employees may have concerns about returning to the workplace or their jobs in general. There may also be stress about what they will do if they or a loved one contract COVID-19.

Regardless of work location, all employees should be informed of new or updated cleaning practices and safety protocols in the office. Employers should also be prepared to talk about what applicable leaves may be used for COVID-19 reasons, including the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leaves.

Team Events

Despite physical distancing requirements and remote work, employers can still hold company wide or team events to connect with their team. There are many options for virtual events from wineries, paint by numbers sessions, or even master classes! Online team BINGO is a fun way to get your employees engaged with one another, regardless of where you are physically located. You could also send your employees a gift card for them to order take out one night with a partner and enjoy a quiet night in.

In Summary

These are strange, unknown times. It is more important than ever to be a strong leader and ensure your employees are taking care of themselves. Your consultant is available to assist you with a plan to keep connected with your team.